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Complaint to WSCC regarding Cuadrilla breach of planning conditions
Further to recent correspondence, once again we must write to complain that Cuadrilla have breached the conditions attached to their planning permission in what would appear to be a provoctive attempt to bait and frustrate the residents of Balcombe.

Planning condition 3 requires the works to be completed strictly in accordance with the DMMason Transportation Report which formed Appendix F of the planning application. The report clearly states within sections 5.3, 7.6 and 7.8 that all HGV deliveries will not travel through the village during school starting and finishing times.

Since school reopened we have had to contend with large HGV’s travelling through the village, these vehicles have been seen waiting at junction 10A of the M23 and it would appear that they set off to arrive in Balcombe precisely at school opening and finishing times. Some people would think that this act has been orchestrated to try and provoke the Balcombe Protection Camp at the entrance to the site at the precise time to cause disruption to the various school buses required to take our children to schools further afield. Whatever is behind Cuadrilla’s actions the fact remains that they are in breach of the planning permission conditions.

Therefore, we request that a notice is served by the Council, under section 187A of the Town and Country Planning Act, because we consider that planning condition 3 imposed on a grant of planning permission WSCC/027/10/BA, relating to the land described as Lower Stumble, has not been complied with. The residents consider that Cuadrilla should be required to secure compliance with the condition specified within your notice with immediate effect as it is detrimental to public safety and the local amenity.

Please note that we have already approached the Local Government Ombudsman and raised our concerns regarding the maladministration by WSCC due to the failure to take enforcement action when Cuadrilla were clearly in breach of planning conditions 6,7,8 and 9 during the months of July and August 2013.

Finally, we would note that the residents of Balcombe are watching to see how WSCC manage the completion of the works and complete the restoration of the site by the 28th September. On this date Cuadrilla must have restored the site in accordance with Appendix G and should have already submitted to WSCC by now the proposals for the restoration of the track. At present with the end date looming it would appear that Cuadrilla will yet again be in breach of planning conditions 2,3 and 11 which effectively means 7 out of 21 planning conditions will have been breached.

Your response is urgently required.

Kind regards Robert
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